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Real-Time Chargeback Dispute Resolution

Issuer alerts, compelling responses, & real-time resolution?

The Chargeback App provides your team with actionable data to effectively dispute chargebacks.


Order, transaction, alert and dispute data is aggregated into a single record.

Guided workflows help you add required and optional evidence blocks.

A multipage PDF and DOCx is generated to send to back to the issuer.

Generate compelling chargeback responses.

For chargebacks that don’t trigger Alerts, Chargeback Responses equip you with the first-of-its-kind response generator. Order, customer, transaction, and dispute data is auto-populated into responses based on current card network rules and regulations.

Intercept disputes, take action.

Chargeback Alerts are enhanced notifications that allow you to take powerful actions like instant gift card deactivation, cancel recurring billing, and services suspension. Allowing you to prevent fulfillment of goods and services for which you won’t receive payment.